Asolutly amazing song, cheak this **** out. I know my vocals are pretty bad here, its a hard song for me to sing. But bear past that to the solo and try and enjoy the guitar work I'm almost positive i've got the chords right, I tabbed it out myself. Learned it yesterday, very difficult song to get down.

Cheak it out


Crit for crit
Hey man! You're right the vocals don't sound really good.. But the guitars sound pretty awesome. Should be played with a little more expression, but it's still hella good. Good song choice!
Yah the vocals are pretty terrible definitly more expression, awsome guitar i know thats a hard song to play.
the other colour
Yeah man my voice usually isnt that terrible, for some reason this is just a bad song choice, I just started playing it, i think im getting em down a bit better now.. might re-record it, but it doesnt sound like many people know the song