Hi, got a question here.

Since it's bloody hot here in holland and i'm going on a vacation trip to america in 2 days. I'm wondering, how do I keep my guitar so that it won't get to dry.
I've already had a tip of putting a little wet sponge in it.

Will this work, and if not what should I do?

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dude...no idea...um...keep it inside? i live in college station texas, which is like the humidity capitol of the world, and right now its like 90-95 degrees outside, and both of my acoustics still sound great, although i rarely take them outside, i always sweat all over them when i do
If you are concerned about it drying out and cracking or splitting due to a LACK of humidity (not too much..), I would recommend fiind a little handy took called a damp-it. They are like 15 bucks here. If you can't find one, you can try the little wet sponge. It works on the same principle. Just don't actually stick it in the guitar....in the case would do enough.

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humidifyers work great if its on a stand. if nt, keep it in its case in a cool place (basement, closet, under the bed). it shouldn't really dry out on you too bad at all.