Hey is there anyone out there that can tell me how good the paintjob is on this guitar? Anyone got one or seen one, because i've seen pictures where the guitar looks really sparkly and nice gold, but also other pictures where the gold looks flat and almost yellow.

Thank in advance
It probably sparkles in certain light. They look pretty cool IMO.
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Is it the classic gold top or quilt top.
The gold top looks great it has a sort of glittery sparkle When light shines on it. It basically looks like other gold top les pauls.

The quilt top I played was in an orange color I liked it it looked like water, but it really doesn't sparkle too much.
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If you go on this link then the first one and fifth one have a really nice gold colour to it, and it looks amazing. But the 2nd and 3rd one down have a different colour ands it is not as nice.

If i bought an Epi LP Clasic in Metallic Gold from GAK, would it be the nice colour or the other, mediocre colour?