i just bought a new strat and i mite want to get new pickups.... anyone no any good pickups that have a really good tone and good feedback?
dimarzio, seymour duncan,

Johnson strat copy
epi les paul jr
epi les paul studio
Ibanez gax 75
crate 10 watt
crate fxt 120
danelectro honeytone
marshall 8200 bichorus
behringer 400watt cab
dimarzio, texas specials, or lace sensors. also look at the duncan JB junior
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Lindy Fralin Vintage Hots, Best hand made pups out there.
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^^^Fralins are good, but nothing compared to Joe Bardens.
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actuall im considering a fat strade and i was wondering what kind of pups could i put in it later on if i wanted more metal too