Hey, I was wondering if anyone had ever come across the name of the drummer who played with Santana at Woodstock (the kit drummer I mean, not the conga drum player). I've been able to come across various names of drummers who played with him, so I'm not sure which it was. Does anyone know his name, or who else he might have played with?
I don't know his name but I can understand why you want to know. The drum solo he does is insane
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Michael Shrieve.
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I know what you mean! When I watched the Woodstock DVD, I LOVED Santana's drummer. He was so cool, and I'm not big into drum solos, but I actually enjoyed that one.

But yeah, a couple days ago I tried to find out who he is and I'm pretty sure his name is Mike Shrieve.

He just looked so damn cool at Woodstock...

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I think that Santana was definetly the highlight of Woodstock.

I'm basing this only on having heard three of the four songs the band played at the festival (Savor, Soul Sacrifice, and Fried Neckbones), and I can make this statement because all of these songs are mindblowing.

If you listen to Santana's Live at the Fillmore West album (from 1968), you'll be surprised at how much the band progressed in a year's time.

Michael Schrieve, as BobFromReboot stated, played drums at Woodstock, and he was unbelievable.

Whether listening to him play on CD, or watching him on the Woodstock DVD, I know that his playing is amazing.