ok ive got a song that starts out with a slow emotional solo but then i want another solo during the bridge but i want this solo to be heavy and metal sounding but i cant seem to come up with anything...

if anyone could recomend a certain E key'd scale or anything that sounds metal it would be appreciated...
Got any chord progression...? Anyway, why dont you just use the E minor or pentatonic..?
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Yeah, we need a chord progression. Metal scales typically range from aeolian to harmonic minor to straight pentatonic minor.
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Give Aeolian a try:

Em Aeolian

e 12 14 15
b 12 13 15
g (11) 12 14
d 12 14 (16)
a 12 14 15
e 12 14 15

The numbers in '()'s mean you can play either of those.