I started taking guitar lessons about 5 years ago and my teacher has been teaching me music theory. I understand the concept, but I can't seem to know what I'm doing... I still see every fret as a 'number' or a 'dot' as opposed to a note or a sound... It's beginning to become really frustrating and I don't know how I'm practicing incorrectly. If anyone has any idea as to how I can start seeing the fretboard as notes and not numbers, please help me... I'm willing to put in any amount of practice. Thanks a ton... John Knee.
I have the same problem, its anoying. Just look at those fretboard diagrams with the notes on and just learn it string by string until you start recognising all the paterns and different positions of notes all around the neck.
i had this problem way back when, the only thing i really did to over come this was to start sight reading music, granted i'm not great at it, but it really helped my break away from playing by the numbers so to speak,
Just keep going with it, it will come to you soon enough... this is one of those time-related things. If you play a lot, you'll see it how it should be... If you don't, you won't.
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Sing the note (on pitch) as you play. This will help your note/fret association, singing, and pitch recognition (knowing a note when you hear it).
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Thanks a ton for all the feedback so far... I really appreciate it... When I looked at the forum before, there were 5 views and 4 replies... Thankya's x 100
Each string is a note, right?
so from the top one; E-A-D-G-B-e.. the last "e" is written in small letters because it the high E.. the brighter E, if you know what I mean...?

So if you start from an open E (dont hold your finger on any fret), it goes;
E-F-F#(# meaning "sharp") G-G#-A-A#-B-C-C#-D-D# then back to E..

So the F is the first fret, F# the second, and so on.. allthough, instead of #(sharp) you can use "b" as in flat.. (I think.. someone correct me if i'm wrong. I'm from norway and I'm not sure if it's the same..:s)
But now, it's not, for example F#, it's Gb.. its the same note, with a different name. same goes for the rest; G#, the same as Ab, and so on.

so if you follow one of these on the other strings you can find all the notes.
if you start on, say an open A, just follow the notes, but start on the A instead of the E; A-A# or Bb, etc..

I'm not very good at explaining things, so this is the best I could do
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I sort of have the same problem, but it dosn't matter so much. My guitar teacher played for uriah heep, bad company, pink floyd, whole bunch of people, and he's only been having me learn by ear. of course, i know some pentatonic scales and those annoying dealys. when i look at the fretboard now i associate the frets with sounds, and its workin real good for me
Just practice practice lol.

Get to playing and say each note aloud as you play a song or something. That really helped me. Good Luck
Get a piece of paper or even an empty tab form and draw a guitar neck to the 12th fret. Then fill in the note for each corresponding fret.



So on and so on. Do this at least twice a week. After awhile you'll get it.