I love the look of customised bass guitars...I think the people who customise 'em are darlings. i wanna marry one kidding.


I'd love to customise my bass, but I ain't got no money honey! so...what's your dream guitar?

At the moment, Phat Sam **moi bass! ^_^** is still plain black...but he's got a bow tie at the nut, two lil white bows on the knobs **teehee...**, an Apple *tm* iPod sticker with Ameh <3 Anoo on it under the strings, a heart drawn on the pick up, and numbers all the way down the frets.

I love you pernament marker!

But my dream bass would have to be a green Shine bass, with black neck and head, and black knobs *heheh...sorry*, with three shooting stars going up the left hand side *one that holds the strap* army bit, and to the left of it saying ''Make A Wish''

But pretty!

So Pure...So Rare...My Magdelena.

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