Okay, I know this is gonna get some flack from some jerks who don't like to help, but for all of the helpful people out there, here goes:

Fingerpicking is the hardest thing in the world. I checked the lesson, and still am having trouble. I'm aware that certain fingers are assigned to certain strings (I think) but the actual picking is hard.

Lets say:

When you use, say the index finger, should you pick upward, downward, etc. Please help!
Upward I believe. Downward would be pretty hard but I could be wrong. It may also depend on the tempo and other things so you may do both. Hope someone else can help you with it!


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fingerpicking is always "up picks" you hold you finger under the strings and then like pop your fingers closer to you flat(the middle of your hand)
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you "pick" downwards with the thumb and upwards with the other fingers. (i think) I do it that way anyway and it works out just fine. practise practise practise and it will work, the only way. GL
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mainly you would pluck it upwards.
i play classical guitar, and thats how its done with that.
pluck is right. and its really just practice cause im not that great but i just use a pick for everything.
you can only plck upwards with the other fingers besides your thumb... and the only way to get faster is practice... once you get it down though you can play really fast and make some awesome songs... good luck
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the top 3 strings are downpicked with the thumb
the bottom 3 are uppicked with the index on the G, middle on the B, and ring on the e
start by using these assignments then once you get good enough you can play around with which fingers pluck which strings

P.S. House Of The Rising Sun by The Animals is an excellent song to practice these assignments(and alot of people know it)

Good Luck
technically speaking, there are cetrain finger assigned to certain strings, but do whatever works for you, and as far as the direction your fingers should 'pluck' the strings, hold your hand in front of you as if you were about to play your guitar (fingers pointing down...duh) and make a fist, whatever direction each finger moves in is the direction that you will usually pluck a string with, down for the thumb and up for the other four, i learned how to fingerpick before i learned to strum (as wierd as that is, picks feel really unnatural to me) and, as AscticRckr89 said, house of the rising sun is an awesome song to start picking on, that was the first song i learned how to play
I know this doesn't help much...but it is possible to do stike the string with a downward stroke. I played clawhammer banjo for a little bit, and thats the proper way to play a banjo of that style. (No resonator).

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Yeah, when you are able to strike the string either way you can play more effeciently. It is a more advanced style of fingerstyle
Yes gennerally you pluck upwards except for in flamenco where you sometimes pick downwards too (there may be other styles that use this technique but flamenco is the only one im fammiliar with) I also recommend Stairyway to Heaven as a good song to practice fingerpicking on.
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