Ok so I haven't writen anything in a while, so this I wrote up a couple of days ago, this is probably my wierdest poem yet. crit for crit leave links

Lets all go on an ego trip
We can fly on different planes
Though we are going to the same place
We?ll get there either way.

Landing is all that matters
Whether it?s on no land at all
?I want to get there fast?
?Well I want the flight to be long?

Lets all go on an ego trip
It seems to be the trend

?Well we are here now?
?Everything seems the same?
?Oh cause? we never left?
?Your ego got in my way?

?Then why does it feel as if we left?
?Because your ego?s flying too high?
When his ego reaches its peak
There will be nothing left to do but die.

Impossible is a flight of egos on one plane
But if you were to separate them
Then everything would be sane
At least until they land.

Lets all go on an ego trip
So we can trip over our ego
And fall our separate ways

Unto Heaven? for those who weren?t selfish.
anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
I didnt realy like all the dialog but thats just me. I realy liked the whole theme/idea, overall very good song.