mkay hi
I've been running cubasis vst 5 for quite a while now...
first time i installed it it was fine... i could change sample rates and could select internal clock/external clock...
then i had to format my computer and reinstall windows etc...
couldnt change sample rate, had to keep at 48000
and couldnt change external/internal clock.
recently (3 days ago)
i reformatted again and i had this problem with my soundcard...
this happened also the first time i formatted:
suddenly apparantly i "had no sound device"
WTF? so i had to download some c-media ac97 driver or something?
the first time i set up my computer this never happened
could this be something to do with why cubasis was not working correctly?
also before my second formatting and my actual reason for formatting some crap happened with my asio driver *not full duplex the other one*
and everytime i opened cubasis i'd first get some error with asio16.dll or whatever it was called and then an entry point could not be found error. twice.
which annoyed the hell out of me and so i decided it was time for a format again.
so to conclude....
could anybody help me? maybe?