ok, so i want to customize my sqiuer. i want to change pickups, body color,pickguard color, bridge, the pickup switch, and color the head so ppl dont know its a squier. the problem is, i dont know anything about customizing a guitar. ive only been playing for a year. so i dotn know much about it. basically, take everything off and putting new stuff in. i have about more or less 300 dollars. all im saying, is this a good idea? do i have neough money? and i probbaly gonna need help about what to use and any website that helps you with this kinda stuff. this guy, (forgot his name) scalloped his fretboard. why would you do that? also, theres small cracks where the neck connects to the guitar.
should i not customize it since it has small cracks? so, i dont really know what im getting myself into. i want to be able to finsih before school starts which is in about a month. any help is appreciated.

i think you can get a fender strat standard for a little over 300....
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customizing takes a lot of time effort patience and money

i'd say either buy i better guitar that isn't a squire
or wait until you have more experience and knowledge about guitars and everything in them etc.

or you could just go gung-ho for it and do it.
Standards are 400 for 2006 models. They have upgraded hardware apprently. You could probably get a used Standard for around three hundred I bet.