Withdrawn 7/18/06

Who am I to take your blame?
Ive come back for another taste of pain
I always do I always will
There's nothing you can say to make me ill
But I still fear you
I don't know why maybe it's your eyes
That Look I'm gonna hurt you again

I'm Terrified of you
I can't move because you petrify me
I'm Jaded by you
I've withdrawn myself from you

Who am I to bear this weight?
You laugh while I faint
I can't disconnect from you
Though I runaway
I find myself back in your way
I know you're going to betray me again
I don't like the ryhming scheme and some of the lines are a bit awkward. Sorry to rip you apart but this song needs improvement
could use a little revision but its a nice start. crit for crit? my latest is called jersey devil.
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