verse 1
In this underdeveloped place called earth
we call ourslves humans and keep giving birth
and the thought of dying scares us all
and we still go to parties and drink until we feel ten feet tall
and when we wake up in a hospital bed
we blame society for all our fear and dread
and even when we fall and die
we still dont understand enough to cry
for peace and silence of the heart
and we'll never realize its tearing us apart

We give up to easy
we fall to sleazey
and we always find a way
to escape and live another day
and the place we call home
encircles us like a dome
and we never stop to think
that we're all flawed

Verse 2
The streetlights burn more brightly
than our intelligencce ever could
and we still plunge on mightily
untill we drink more than we should
and the lesson im trying to teach here
that the end could be near
and we still dont stop
and realize we're all flawed


the spinnig web of dying
souls and falling stars
signifys our life behind bars
and we never stop to help
the old and the weak
beacuse they remind us
of what we seek
to destroy
and i hope im getting through to you
because everything im saying is true
and i know, we must improve


Dont give up so easy, we're still alive
we may fall and fail, but yet we must
pull ourselves up from the ground
and yet our lives seem just
and help must be found
for those who need it
and then we fight and die
to see them survive

I wrote this song a loooooooooooooooooong time ago. Green Fox is probably the only one that remebers this song lol. well i need to perfect it because im in writeers block so perfect lol
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We give up to easy
we fall to sleazey

besides some spelling errors and a few places that need tightening up (like the above listed) its pretty good. really all it needs is a little arrangement work. crit for crit? my latest is called jersey devil. thanks.
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