I notice that when I am playing single notes on clean I can not really hear any picking noise at all. Sometimes though when I am playing high gain solos or whatever, I can hear the pick touching the strings. I don't know if this is because I am hitting it harder sometimes than others or what.

How would I stop this? Is it my technique?

What would a compressor do for soloing? Would this make all my notes sound at the same volume?
I could've sworn the thread title said picking nose.

I think its just happens. Same thing happens with me as well. Maybe you are picking too hard.
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a compressor would make all the notes relatively the same volume. with the boss cs-3 you can even increase the presence of pick attack so you hear more pick or less

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well if your playing it with the amp quiet you could jsut be hearing your hitting the strings..... but anyway... i dont know.... i jsut had to say it......
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