I'm thinking about getting an overdrive pedal seeing as I have this lovely tube amp with me and I'm always hearing how OD pedals are a nice addition to tube amps and sometimes I feel in need of a little more crunch or bluesy sounding overdrive. I was thinking about a tubescreamer but I noticed there are like 3 or 4 versions of it so I'm wondering what the differences are, and if there are any other good OD pedals and what makes them different.
I've tried a lot of them out but its hard to get a good sense when youre trying them out at the store so I want to get some more opinions. Thanks in advance!
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Everyone says a Keeley SD-1 Super Overdrive.
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I think the TS-808 is the better version. The TS-9 is also good, but not as good as the 808 to me. The Marshall BluesBreaker is also a nice overdrive. I built one (check sig for the whole build and sound clips) and it is amazing. I love the sound of the thing. I am in the process of designing my own overdrive/distortion pedal which should be amazing if it works! I actually started and finished the schematic today. Now I am just waiting to finish a breadboard layout so I can test it out. Its going to be one of the most versitile pedals around once I finish it!
its not really an overdrive but i find that a gain boost can give you some nice tones
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i know the digitech hot rod is an excellent distortion pedal but as far as overdrive im not even sure the difference between overdrive and distortion
what kind of overdrive do you want, like a crunchier overdrive or bluesier overdrive? the Boss SD-1 has more crunch and is hotter, while the TS's are more bluesy and less hotter the the Boss from what i've experienced.

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I was stuck in the same situation. Most people in all styles of music use the tubescreamer (with true bypass) for subtle changes in drive and boosting your tone a bit, but I found with my dsl100 that a boss sd-1 is the best bang for your buck when it comes to rock/metal. Also, the dod yngwie OD pedals are pretty decent for the price.
Visual Sound Jekyll and Hyde.

Its 2 pedals in one. The Jekyll side has the SAME circuitry as the TS-808 and then the Hyde side is an additional heavier distortion. You can get pretty much every style possible out of this pedal.


I used this pedal with my rectoverb combo. I had my clean channel and modern gain channel on the recto. Then I had your classic OD with the Jekyll side of the pedal and a bluesy light OD sound with the Hyde side.