Alright im not sure if its just my guitar or not but obviously i have an epiphone les paul standard....my questoin is does your rythm pickup sound exactly like when you have the switch right in the middle?....for some reason my sound of both pickups mixed is exactly the same as the rythm pickup....i cant tell any difference at all and im not sure if its just my guitar...all i know is when i played a gibson the other day the switch in the middle sounded sweet like a very mid ranged treble...and the rythm sounds completely different more of a fat bluesy tone...idk whats the deal with my guitar...
yeah mines pretty much like that too, kinda sucks but oh well, I guess you could get it replaced
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mineis like that, but i adjusted them that way, and im too lazy to fix it
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I have one, but I can tell a little difference in having the pickup selecter in the middle or on the rythym pickup. Adjusting your pickup height will probably help.
Mines like that too. Is there any way to fix it?
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