ok, i finally redid this one after about a year of recording the last one, which was prrtty rough even though alot of people liked it. this is much better now, so give it a listen here: http://j0nnybrav0.dmusic.com/ . called "Always With Me, Always With You." Its a Joe Satriani song, incase you didn't know.
It's ok! My face broke the fall.
Wow. Great job! Amazing tone. A couple mistakes here and there, but i liked. How did you get such an amazing tone? Just curious. I give it 9/10. Work on getting the right notes all the way through and it would defenitly be a 10/10.
Slave To The Shred
i didint really try to adjust my tone to record this. i have a digitech RP80 and i made my #11 preset a while back to get a tone that i liked. since i love satch so much, i guess i subconsiously made my own tone very close to his. but i use a jackson rr3, so theres alot more cut than the satriani ibanez guitars. oh, and thanks for the comments
It's ok! My face broke the fall.
The tapping was pretty sloppy at some parts.. you slowed down sometimes. Otherwise, its great. Just gotta work on getting some of the rythms down.
thanks for the feedback. i just decided to re-record it suddenly after i got a bunch of feedback on my other satch covers. i hadnt played this song in about a year, so I was playing off memory. I'm pretty sure its all the right stuff, but that tapping part is very hard to get the timing on. the recorded version has a kind of swing to it, which I cant recreate cuz i'm not joe satriani. but i'll work on it thanks again!
It's ok! My face broke the fall.