i tried the guitar a long time ago and i decided to save up for it. im near having the money and while collecting i also played an esp eclipse ii *vintage model with ebony fret board* i really like the feel of the esp neck and i was wondering if anyone could do a comparison between the two necks. or just describe to me what the faded sg neck feels like. it was so long ago i have forgotten. i like necks that can handle low action and that are good for soloing. can i find this in the sg... or should i go with something else
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most gibsons necks are FAT ****S.

the esp escipse II is great.
nice neck, not too heavy, EMG's, looks cool.
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He's Right ^ SG necks are pretty fat. I have the gibson sg faded and the neck is pretty nice.
The Action is probabbly not as low as an esp, but with a little bit of tweaking the bridge you could get the action low enough. The only thing i don't like about my neck is that it doesn't have rolled edges so its not as smooth like let's say an american strat.
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