heres the deal... the sound on my les paul only works sometimes.. i know its not the cord, because i checked.. it think it has something to to with the hole that i plug the guitar into... it seems to only work when i sort of tilt the cord in one direction.... please help... thank you..
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If you unscrew the input jack and pull it out a put, plug the cable in, and you can see where the jack touches the cable. You probably need to adjust it. Sorry I don't know the words. But just look and you'll see wtf I'm talking about.
You might have some loose wires going into your input jack. You might check that out too.
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does the thing plug in the hole in the guitar?

if not then tighten the clip metal peice, or a wire might be undone, simple sodering. I've managed somehow to break my output jack (i dont know how) but i opened it up and the plastic peices were broke and scattered through out my guitar, easy 3$ fix however
is it an epi les paul? i had the same problem with mine.
its the input jack most likely.
id take it to a shop, cause i ****ed mine up.
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haha it certainly does sound like an epi for sure since mine keeps doing that as well. should re-solder the two input jacks to see if it help stop cutting out