hey guys, im currently trying 2 get a new guitar and im stuck btwn the Schecter c-1 classic and the Schecter c-1 hellraiser. I play anything from classic rock to hardcore. i play a lot of styles so i want a gutiar w/ a lot of possible tones but still want to be able 2 get heavy. suggestions guys?! heres the 2 guitars compared, any suggestions r deeply appreciated

Classic, thru-neck has more sustain. The Hellraiser has EMG 81 85's which will limit your sound alot. And the Classic also has a maple neck to keep your highs and your solos nice and sharp. Plus (IMO) maple plays much faster. But if you can try both out that is really your best bet in desciding what's for you.
i'd go for the classic
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mmm i dont know, but i've had my eye on the hellraiser for a while, thats what i think i am going to buy sometime in the next few months
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I'd go with the C-1 classic with the vintage sunbusrt, beutifull color with the neck inlays. I've played this at Samual Music with a 60W Marshall combo amp. The sound that came out was everything you need for your style. I'd go for it
If your gonna play any form of metal mostly then get the Hellraiser. If your mostly going to be playing like, classic rock then get the Classic. Bands like Megadeth and Lamb Of God use the Duncans and they have pretty heavy tones.
If u want a versatile guitar then get a classic. If ur gonna play mostly hard rock/metal, then get the Hellraiser.
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The problem is i wanna play led zeppelin, but at the same time i wanna play metallica and a7x. i dont know what 2 do!! lol
id say classic for versitility

its a nice guitar.....id get a hellraiser though..i play more metal than anything..but EMGs are not Limited to to just high gain music..85's have nice cleans and the 81's still shine on lower gain stuff
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