I am having trouble keeping the noise from other strings down when I play. Like, when I move my finger off of a string it sounds (even though im not trying to do a pulloff) When I play really slow and move my finger off I can keep it quiet, but when I try really fast stuff it seems impossible to keep it quiet.

I'm playing on a Squier Affinity Strat with a Drive 100W practice amp and DigiTech RP50 pedal.

So any suggestions? And another question, anyone in here play everything with their fingers. I play lots of fingerstyle, and I don't ever want to have to use a pick, but for metal it seems like it would be hard, anyone?!? ( like solos, other parts I can do )
First question: Work on your muting technique. Use both hands to mute the strings you don't want; the fingers on your pick hand near the bridge and the free fret fingers on the neck. If you work hard at it, you'll clean up the noise. The rest is just picking/finger technique.

Second question: fingerstyle in metal? Chicken pickin is a hybrid picking style you might wanna look into. Zakk Wyldle and John 5 do a lot of it. As far as straight fingerstyle, probably not in metal unless you're incorporating it into a solo. But hey, do what works for you, that's how new **** is invented
lol 100W 'practice amp' :p

anywho, the pulling off when not trying too is a common problem for beginners. How long have you been playing?
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I've had my electric for less than a year, but I've only recently started playing it on a regular basis. I've played acoustic for a little over a year now. I love playin the electric, but it's like a damn beast that I haven't tamed yet.... or somethin.
My friend has been playing longer than me and he sucks at guitar, he tries waaaay too hard stuff for his level and i laugh at him. Anyway....yeah use your palm and your spare fingers to mute strings you dont want to sound, when playing, try to play the next note before taking the previous finger off, this may help...or maybe your hands are sticky.....????
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this happens to me sometimes when im sweep picking, even though i pick up the fingers on the left hand with the right speed and im picking the right strings on the right hand, sometimes the speed my left is going at makes a pulloff when i dont want it too, pretty annoying but if i play it a little slower i can keep the right strings quiet. what im starting to do is use my right hand to help mute them when im going fast. that way it mutes the strings i've finished playing so if i mess up and for some reason my left hand is moving too slow it'll still turn out ok. another thing i've started to do is use a wristband on the neck near the first fret to mute anything that i've pulled off too fast from, it sounds good that way too but i dont like to use it a lot of the time because i think its cheating :P
put a little fast fret or lotion on ur hands. less friction = less noise.

and work on ur muting.

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Like what Ohmerrymayham said, muting the strings, (above the one your playing), with your right palm helps alot. Also if your playing with your amp at a high volume, it may create feedback.
What is the difference between sweep picking and alternate picking. I'm also having trouble with palm muting so if anyone has a good youtube video it will be appreciated.
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^ posting that question in it's own thread would proably get more of a responce, since that's not what this one is about.

http://www.cyberfret.com/first-fret/using-a-pick/page3.php realy good basic lession on right hand posision, which includes at the end a technique for muting string noise with your picking hand.
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Thanks everyone, now I don't feel so bad since I'm not the only one who ever had this problem. Someone said that I could incorporate finger picking in a metal solo up there. That is actually what I'm trying to do, I'm playing Metallica -Fade to Black with all my fingers and they just make so much noise when I get to that first fast little passage in the beginning solo, and sometimes even in the slow part. ( same thing happens when I use a pick too ) I hope just practicing muting with both hands helps, but it just seem almost impossible right now :-(. Oh well thanks again, and if anyone knows some specific muting excersizes that would be awesome ( not palm muting, but the other kind im havin trouble with )