After listening to John Petrucci in albums such as Liquid Tension Expiriment, Scenes from a Memory, and An Evening with John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess, I'm thoroughly convinced that I'd enjoy playing the electric guitar. I've been looking on Musician's Friend for quite some time now, and I'm liking the looks of the Epiphone Les Paul Studio. Is it good enough for a beginner?

Also, would it sound decent on a bass cabinet? (with a tweeter)
Just for the record, I mainly play the bass guitar, but I also play a bit of acousticc and keyboards.
i'd save up for the standard plus, or plain top... i like mine very much, although i would like a gibson. but to answer your question, yes the studio is fine for a beginner.
i play with a bass amp...guitar into bass amp sounds fine.
idk about the studio though
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I would love to save up and buy a new one, but I'm spending a lot more than I'm making, so I need to spend the bare minimum that'll last me over a couple months.
It wont sound nice through a bass amp. You can play it but it will be completely different from a guitar amp.
Yeah man, it's a good looking guitar, probably more than adequate for some one new to the electric guitar. As long as you're only playing for fun you can hook it up to what ever you want, it should sound alright. Also, I'm as big a fan of musitian's friend as the next guy, but I'd suggest actualy going and buying a guitar from a shop because quality does vary from guitar to guitar no matter who it's made by, you want to know what you're buying right there lest you end up with a piece of ****.