so i've been using a behringer gmx212 combo amp for a little more than a year now. a lot of people discouraged me from buying it when i did, but i was just looking for something loud and cheap. in all honesty, i really like the amp. the effects are pretty good and it has a pretty good tone. my other guitarist has an older crate half-stack and it sounds like crap (in my opinion) compared to my behringer. the only thing i'm not really thrilled about is that there is a little too much delay between channel changes, but i can work around that. anyway, i was just wondering if anybody else thought the same thing about behringer because i've been thinking about buying the v-ampire series half-stack. i was just wondering what people thought and if they had any better ideas for a price range between $400-600. any ideas would be great. thanks.
Yeah i have a better idea than a beringer halfstack......burn your money

Not only no to a beringer halfstack but HELL NO. its a terrible amp terrible. i am actually embarassed by how bad they are. Your beringer does not have good tone it has terrible tone (beringer blows with the exeption of their live stuff).

To the halfstack- no no no no no no no

Get a tube combo

Valveking, Blues Jr or somthing of the sort....

Why do you need a halfstack anyway?

....how long have you been playing?
Ok, we'll need to know what styles you play before we can make an accurate suggestion. However, for $600, you'd be better off to go for a tube combo for sure. It'll be just as loud, and a lot smaller (more portable). If you could stretch the $600 price limit a little, you could get a Traynor YCV40 or maybe even a YCV50 Blue. They are both amazing and versatile amps (50 watts tube=125 watts SS volume wise). Even a Peavey Valveking 212 would PWN a Behringer halfstack.



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Ah yes i forgot about Traynor. Nice

a hot rod is 600 and a fender blues deluxe reissue is $629 too

btw....all of these kick beringer ass several times over
I've been using the gmx 212 for about a year now to and people said the same to me. They make good priced equipment that is reliable as long as you aren't worried about "crafting your tone" and just want to be loud and heard.