i want to learn a new song but i cant think of any to learn. so if you guys can think of any difficult metal songs that would really help me out. i listen to metallica, slayer, pantera and other bands along those lines. thanx
Raining Blood - Slayer. Thats a pretty hard song
OMG you admitted to liking korn and soad, you better delete that before some of the metal heads come in riding there new ego fueled cars to bitch you out .

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racer x stuff is pretty hard, and pretty much anything by MAB
malmsteen on jerry c "you are a rising force"
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Raining Blood - Slayer. Thats a pretty hard song

Kidding right?

I dont know try Cowboys From Hell, solo and all.
Cemetery Gates?
Yeah Necrophagist is like the hardest Ive seen out there so far.
Try some Children of Bodom.
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Try Cliffs of Dover-Eric Johnson
Its not metal but its a hard and cool song to learn.

thats hard really -_-

since TS listern to metals, maybe some racer x? I dont know if its hard, but at least to me