As posted in the past, my band hit a stand-still when our drummer quit right after our CD release show. In May, we auditioned a few drummers.. neither of which were sufficent enough to play gigs with. We then hired someone "Andy" who has worked with the band before to fill-in on drums until we found someone else. Well, we practiced with him for the first time last month and I noticed that even though I've known the guy for 7+ years, I just realize how terrible he is. He overplayed every song, claimed he knew all the songs on the CD and was messing up the easy parts, and his drum set is really bad... let's just say he bought most of it from Wal-Mart! Also Andy is 22 and still has no driver's license, our singer was driving across the state line to pick him up and then driving to practice (This was well over a 70 mile drive each way)

Well, last week Andy announces to us that he can no longer practice with us because of work. Also our lead guitarist is extremely mad with Andy because he claims Andy broke into his house to get his drum set (This turned out to be true) This was all after the band told me to start booking more gigs, and I just booked a major one for a Rock-the-Vote event at the local university (I told the band I wanted to play at the university at least twice a semester.)

Basically I just want to get out of hiatus. We haven't played a gig since April and haven't practiced since early June. This is a far cry from last winter/spring when we were gigging 4-6 times a month and practicing 3 days a week. I don't even know what the guitar players and singer are doing, but the bassist and I both have our own side projects to keep busy during the summer.

As far as finding another drummer, I've posted myspace bullentins twice a week since the "break up" , put up ads, called drummers in the paper, etc. Basically anyone we have come in contact is either:

a) Not on our level
b) Has a wife & kids (in their 40s!)
c) Doesn't bother coming to the audition

By the way, we are in an extremely close knit music community and area. Anyone who knows we are looking for a drummer already knows and if we knew of someone available, they would be with us.

Since I use a laptop in the band, I asked them if they wanted to use a drum machine for the time being but they decided against it becauase "It didn't feel right."

I've seriously thought of just telling the band it's time to call it a day and go do our own things. What would you recommend?
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I would say get a drummer to fill in for your remaining gigs and then call it quits. There is no use hanging around a band if you can't get enough group interest in what you are doing. Then just try and find a band that could use an extra guitarist or start a new one and move on.
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