I'm a singer, I play the guitar, and I write my own songs. No big. But I want to front a band, singing and writing, not playing guitar. Thing is, I find it odd, and uncomfortable, for a lead singer to start a band, rather than a guitarist or a drummer....or an instrumentalist for that matter. I've been trying to get other people to recruit for years, and it's never worked out, so I've decided to start searching for my "back-up" band now. Any suggestions on finding an entire band?

Thnks in advance!
just find people one by one and you graduly get a band togther and don't be to fussy cos people improve as they grow up
Well, for starters, get a guitarist and teach him the songs that you wrote. After that, get the other people (try not to be too fussy, unless your songs are really complex or whatever) and eventually they'll start jamming and creating songs and of course you can still write some and teach the others.

I tryed to form a band waaaay back, but all the people ended up dropping out and left me and my guitar to ourselves. not that i've minded. I just think it's time to move on.

One problem that I forgot to mention is that, somehow, i don't know any other guitarist well enough to ask them to be in my band. I'm serious about making it big, as many are, and I want to be in a band with people I can be honest with and know for a fact that I can get along with for an uber long time. I know it sounds really picky, but most of the guitarists i do are total jerks and play nothing but the White Stripes and Led Zeppelin, which isn't very helpful.