I have decided that i want to try and customize a strat. I want a guitar that is my design, plays well and is cheap. So im going to buy bits and pieces off Ebay. Im not going to cut up all the wood if i can, want to start off simple, learn how everything inside a guitar works mainly.
So for now i just want to buy the body and neck to start playing around with.

This is what i have found on Ebay, but im not 100% sure whether its the kinda stuff i should be looking for.


Thats a solid alder strat body


And a rosewood neck

i would just like to know whether this is the sort of things i should be looking for. It cheap, and to my knoledge its the right wood.

That would actually be a maple neck, with rosewood fretboard.

Yeah, that stuff looks okay to me.
Good luck trying to get the neck, though. You'll probably have to go maybe 3x higher than what it is now.
gotta make sure that the neck fits in the neck pocket perfectly. if it fits all you gotta do is get the electronics, bridge, pickguard and your set to rock out.
Unless it's the same company and model, there's no guarantee of anything fitting.

There's such an incredible amount of divergence, particularly among strat-style guitars that you NEED to know that the neck will fit.
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I like that neck! In the description he calls it a Fender Squier but the logo just says Fender ... is that one of those waterslide decals? Anyway, it's got 4 days to go and it'll probably go way higher than that.

The body looks decent and has the proper SSS routing instead of the swimming pool/universal routing ... which helps prevent you from the blasphemy of installing a humbucker on a Strat.

As far as the neck pocket and the neck heel being a fit, there's a mod thread here where a Johnson Strat body was paired up with a Fender neck, so, assuming the neck on the auction is an actual Fender, it should fit.

Otherwise, you'll have to use shims if the neck pocket is slightly wider OR sand the sides of the neck heel a bit if the pocket is a little narrower.

Good Luck!

Thanks for the help. At least now i know what im looking for.

For the pickups. Im not sure whether i should be spending alot of money on pickups, or how much they actually matter. I dont want to spend to much on them so i will buy them off Ebay, but i really just dont have a clue on what ones are good/bad or good/bad value for money.

I need to be able to handle various different styles of music, i was looking at the fender noiseless pickups, mainly because they keep popping up everywhere. Also i dont want humbucker pickups, mainly cause i dont like the way they look.
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I don't know much about fender noiseless ones, but I'm a Seymour Duncan fan, so I'd say that you should check out seymourduncan.com's tone wizard, and they should also have hum-free single coils there, too.