I recently got Guitar Rig 2. (The program by Native Intruments). It's a really awesome program with great amp models. I'm just having some problems...

1. There's a bit of latency that I can't get rid of. About a half second delay. It doesn't bother me that much, but it is a hassle sometimes.

2. Also, there's a lot of excess noise. I'm not sure how to get rid of that. I have my guitar hooked into the back of my computer, and I'm getting the sound out of my speakers. Is there a better setup that would kill the noise?
A line 6 toneport or an external usb / firewire card would solve your noise problems as a lot of that is probably from the computer interfering with your sound (like if you turn your volume up in windows or mac but your not playing anything you get that static noise sometimes and if you touch the sound card it dissapears, it's an issue with grounding as well).
get a asio soundcard! that'll get rid of the latency and the noise. also make sure to turn off the line volume on your guitar mixer. I got myself a E-MU 0404 and it kick's ass, I'm using guitar rig 2 too sometimes!
Doesn't guitar rig come with a soundcard/footswitch?
I guess "getting" it doesn't neccesarily involve paying for it...
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Don't think so, I use a EMU-0404 as I said, wich is around $100. I hooked up a small behringer UB1200(mixer) with it, and I'm very happy with the result. Altough I need new monitors! xD

I 'got' mine too.
Yep, you'll need an expencive setup to get it sound good.


did you plug your guitar in the Line in? Never! Plug it in the Mic-in.

did you turn down the line volume? If you didn't, you'll have a clean AND a distorted output.
you would need to plug your guitar into the mic in to get a strong enough signal, line in just wouldn't work. however mic in's in sound cards are notorious for noise as the preamp they use i ****house.

external usb card for the go still, get one that is purpose made for musical instruments (recommended the tone port before, there aer more expensive professional alternatives too) it'll be better overall.

My Zoom G2.1U has an ASIO sound card built in and it's ok (it's cheap) but i'm sure there are way better ones.

You can only ever plug your guitar into the line in of your computer and still get a signal if you have a preamp between your guitar and computer, otherwise the signal coming from the guitar is simply not strong enough.