i'm buying this guitar really soon, maybe two weeks or so... i was just wondering if i'm making the right choice.

i went for the Ibanez RGT42DXFM


i have played the rg350 and rg370 and thought they were great.. this ones a neck through so it should be even better especially with the pro edge trem.

should i go for it? or are their better ibanez's within that price range?

i dont particulary like the shape of rg's and i prefer the sa shape. but hey, thats just me
Stock pickups suck, but the rest of the guitar is pretty damn good, guitarist in a metal band I produced a couple of months ago played that model with an EMG 81/60 set in it and it sounded mighty mighty.
the trems on the lower end ones arnt actually that bad.. i really brutally w*nked it and it held tune remarkably well..

i've found out from Gak that the ibanez isnt being produced anymore! i've searched around and no one has them in stock

this models trem aint that great and if you were going to get one like this get the hardtail model unless you arent able to get it for some reason