This is about a guy I really hate.
I hope it's not offensive to anyone else but to him.
J.A. is an abbreviation of his name.
Forgive me if it sucks, I just wanted to write my anger.



He's so proud that he's only 15, and He's not a virgin anymore!
He had sex, yeah, S-E-X! But, the girl was a *****!
She wasn't even hot, she was just a real cheap lady!
But I wouldn't **** her, I don't care if she's easy!

But he was still proud, He didn't care as long he got laid!
A girl's a girl, a pussy's a pussy, sex is sex and that's all he cared about!
He thought he was hot! He thought he was handsome!
He thought he can **** any girl he wants!

He's so vain, he never stopped talking!
I don't want to hear your stories, I don't care about the girls you have!
Go drink, go smoke, go ****, just dont tell me about it!
Because I'm not your friend, I never was!

Go home alone! Go home on your own!
Don't hitch a ride! Walk alone!
Just go home! Do your *****!
And shut the hell up!
im glad you can vent your anger productively but the song itself seems more of a long rant than something that can be turned into music. pretty cool though
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Well, i like Punk a lot. It can be a 2 minute song or even shorter. Just has to be real fast.
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