Well , obviously not john himself. but , does anyone know anyway i would be able to get in touch with somebody who would have something to do with John , or be in contact with him when it comes to his solo tours? i know its a hell of a weird thing to ask , but i would like to get in touch with like , his website ( which is down now as far as i can see) or perhaps some fanclub that is involved with him , if there is one.

i really wanna see him perform at a solo show , but i dont want to have to go to france or germany for it , i would like to see if anyone could get him to consider coming to ireland.

sorry if this is in the wrong place. and please only reply if you have a serious answer , as i have stated already , i realise this would seem weird , or possibly stupid. but hey , so am i.
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far relationship to the stones but here i go... my dad's boss's friend's brother tried out for the chili peppers and they he was too good. not much help but good luck