Ive wanted a new guitar for a while now and i just joined a band. We play mostly metal/hardcore. My friend has an ESP DV-200 that he said he would sell for 600, barely used. No scratches but one small dent. I was also looking at the ESP EX-260 which is about 450. So which do you think would be better? Or if you think something else would be better, what would it be? I dont have much money right now, but im trying to get a job to make some. Probly spend 650 max.
if you like the EX shape get a EX-400 its the best guitar in that range but its like 700 so just save up 50 dollars

Oh to explain better the DV-200 is crap as is the EX-260
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Yeah those are LTD's, the subsidiary company of ESP. Don't bother with any LTD unless it's the 400 or up model.