Ok i have the following guitars-
Stagg Fat Strat - first guitar, and not in a sellable condition.. covered in stickers etc.
Tanglewood acoustic - my dads so i cannot sell or really do anything to
BC Rich Mockingbird, Body art- the black and gold one
Epiphone Dot 335 in Natural- definetly my best guitar
Ibanez GIO bass, black and silver, ive had it for a while but never got the time to buy a bass amp or play it properly

I am considering selling the last 3 to put money towards a more metal suited guitar because im in 2 heavy metal bands and dont get the most out of my Epi as it is a more Jazz/Blues suited guitar IMO. The Mockingbird just doesn't cut it, it isnt a good enough tone and like i said i've never really got into bass. A few questions then, all of those are in full working order and the mockingbird is slightly shiped on the points, so without seeing them has anybody got a rough idea about how much they are worth(£? THIS IS NOT SELLING THEM. And then theres what guitar to buy with the money.

I think i want either an explorer shape or a v,and have tried out a few brands that make variations on these shapes and have come to the conclusion i would like a Jackson. But most Jackson's have a floyd rose and im not an expert on them, but i will need to drop the e to d quite often and from what ive heard its hard to change tunings without unlocking it? or have i got something wrong here? So i am thinking http://www.andertonsonline.co.uk/acatalog/info_2903005503.html?GCID=C16390x026 maybe? What other options could i consider?
www.gak.co.uk find your guitar then half the price it sells and that should be around the max of what you get back unless you sell it through ebay then it maybe a low lower and you could get more.

and without a budget we cant really tell you what guitar to buy but if you like to change to drop d for your songs and you happen to get a jackson with the jt580 trem you can change the trem to an ofr and add the d-tuna which will help getting to drop d with a flick of a switch and also it would be a good idea to install a tremol-no to as well for that extra comfort of being in tune