Good god i love this song.

Seeing as they have those crazy effects everywhere, you did a good job. The guitar sounded too distorted, you could hve done it clean with some effects and it would have sounded as good.

The vocals were decent, low, but it's hard to get that same tone that Gibbard uses,
One of my all-time favorite songs. I did enjoy it, but guitar's tone in the chorus sounded kind of strange. Nice job with the vocals as well.


Your other covers are also good.
Sweet, postal service are amazing. i love this version of their song and you did a nice job considering their stuff can be kind of a tricky little bastard with all the electronic beats.
I miss the beeping at the beginning...even if you didn't do those same notes, some sort of noise woulda been good.
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I liked it. Vocals ok, but nobody can live up to Gibbard. As said, chorus too distorted. Nice beat though. 8/10!
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Yes, someone with good music taste, eh? Haha, I like this cover even though it's missing all those electronic effects and such. I also loved your cover of Smashing Pumpkins, it was dead on. Good vocals, guitar sounded perfect. All in all I like your first two covers.

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