Yo, I've finally saved up enough (after massive amounts of slave labor) to get a decent half stack. Right now, I've got a GK Neo 112 bass cab.
However, since it's headless, I'm wondering if any of you could recommend me a decent head, since I've never actually purchased a stack of any kind (I'm unsure of how to mix and match their power ratings and all that). Though, I've considered getting a GK head to go with it, I want to branch out and get some feedback on what else is out there. I'm currently interested in a type of Ampeg head, but I'm not sure which one would go with the GK cab. Thus, I need help. Thanks in advance.

P.S. I'm open to all suggestions, not just Ampeg or GK.
thats a nice cab you got there, I played one once (it was the 2x12 though) and it sounded awesome...the guy who had it was using it as a standalone cab (meaning it was the only cab he was playing through) and it was great for that job...

Anyway, is that the only cab you will be using?...or will you add another?

concerning power ratings: that cab is an 8ohm so the amount of power pumping into it will be what the head pumps out at 8ohms...

Ampeg B2RE
Power Ratings: 450W @ 4 ohms, 250W @ 8 ohms

So, since you have one 8ohm cab, this head will send out 250W into that cab...If you had two 8ohm cabs (which would yeild a 4ohm load when both are connected to the head) the amp will pump out 450W (which will be distributed evenly between the two cabs, 225W+225W)...Also, if you connected one 4ohm cab to the head, the head will pump out all 450W into that one cab...

I hope that gives you a basic understanding of the power rating thing, and if you already knew that...then...its always good to review?

As for a head, that Ampeg I posted a link to would be a pretty good head for the cab you have now...Some other good heads would be
Ashdown MAG 600R

And maybe you could look into some Eden, Trace Elliot, or SWR's depending on your price range...The ones I posted are pretty much within the same price range...not too expensive...I dont know how much you're willing to spend though, so I didnt go into the more expensive ones...
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Ahhh, thanks alot man. Yeah, I'll be using it standalone at the moment, at least until I get more money. I mean, I can always add another, right? The ohm thing's a tad confusing as my math skills are caveman-level sometimes, but I think I understand the beef of it. Thank you thank you. I'll look into those heads.
generally speaking, a "half stack" usually refers to a comination of a single 15" or a 4x10/12" cab, and an amp. a single 12" will do fine, but be aware of your maximum wattage. the Ampeg B2RE is a very nice amp, as are the GK, and others available.
with a single 12", even a 75 to 100watt amp will sound good. even the GK Backline series should suffice, also check out Rogue, Peavy,and Behringer