How do you figure out the right pickup setting on your guitar and the right amp settings to use for a particular song? For instance, I'm currently in the process of learning "Smells Like Teen Spirit", and my sound just doesn't quite sound right.

Obviously, I don't expect it to sound exactly like Nirvana's recording since I'm using a cheapie Roland Microcube Amp and a MIM Fender Strat, but it still sounds pretty off.

Is there a site online that tells you the amp settings for songs, or should you be able to figure it out by listening to the original song?
there isnt a site but there is a thread called the only settings thread......you will definately find your answer there
for Smells Like Teen Spirit - or pretty much any Nirvana, for that matter, just have the bass and treble way up, and the mid at all most nothing. high gain too...

try this: Bass - 9 Mid - 1 Treble - 10