I have an acoustic guitar, and i just want to put a strap button on the heel cap of the neck:

or on the treble side heel of the neck:

please let me know which is best, and can anyone give me some good explanation of how to do this?

Use option number 2. Putting it on the heel cap will cause you to have problems with the strap coming undone.

It's a pretty simple task to install one. You have to figure out, drill a small hole and screw it on. Make sure you put tape over the spot where you are drilling so that you don't chip the finish.
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yea putting it on the heel's side would make the guitar's weight keep the strap on, so you wouldn't have to worry about the strapcoming off. also, the first option would make the button face your bady and poke you when you play.
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I disagree, I did option one and it gives the guitar perfect balance. I've never had a problem with it coming off either.
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I'd go with option one simply because, on my guitar, it's a flat surface. There shouldn't be any problem with the strap coming off, as the weight of the guitar would be pulling the strap straight upwards, yes?
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