Dude. I used to lust after the Hot Rod Deluxe, until I had some bad times with them at GC (it seems as though some specific amps were MUCH better than others...), and then I fell in love with the B-52 AT-212. It does everything I want: metal and blues, with cleans. The bluesy clean channel was pretty damned good for SRV, if I put a TS-808 re-issue (I'm about to get one along with a 535Q wah) in front of it, and the onboard metal channel was already Metallica level. I figured with eithere the TS or a different (ZW-44?) metal oriented OD pedal, I could get heavy Pantera/Cradle of Filth/whatever uber metal tones.

Point (questions). I was just listening to sound clips of the Fender Supersonic. It doesn't seem as metallic as the AT-212 on its own merits, but I figure with either the TS or a metal OD pedal I could get some heavy ****ing metal. Am I wrong? Also, it sounds as though it would probably own the AT-212 at SRV hard blues and clean tones. Am I right? Also, it sounds like a more high quality amp in general, being a clean 1000 dollars (the AT-212 goes for 700 at my local GC, so I assume they'd shave the Supersonic down to 1000 from 1100) or so and being a Fender, I figure it would do better metal, with a OD pedal. Answers, opinions, insights to anything relating to any questions I raised or just general comments appreciated. I'm getting a job and since I'm 16 I really want to hit a home run with my first good amp, because 1000 dollars is a lot of money at minimum wage. Thanks.
The Fender won't do metal/harder rock as well as the AT, but it'll do cleans better.

Try a Supersonic out, see what you think, but if you liked the B52 that much, buy it!
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^^ I'd figure that. Still, the AT-212 is AWESOME for metal, without any effects, stock it kicked ass every time I played it at GC. I don't know if they even carryWAIT I think they do (supersonic at GC). My question was basically, if I put a Zakk Wylde or similar metal OD pedal in front of the Supersonic, won't it kick metal ass? Also, how great are the Supersonics cleans? Enough to warrant some loss in metal tone? Thanks

^ Are Traynor's at GC or Marshall's music? I'll keep that in mind.
That B-52 is a very solid amp, made better when you retube it in a few years. I'm not sold on the supersonic, not a bad amp, just not great at anything. And not for more money for sure.
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^ You are now my God. I needed a definitive reason not to buy the Supersonic. Danke schone.