anybody got any cool suggestions on ways to age my guitar and make it look like its been played to death (OTHER THAN PLAYING IT TO DEATH FOR YOU WISE GUYS THAT ARE HERE ONLY FOR THE SAKE OF POSTING SMART COMMENTS)??????
smash it up Pete Townshend style
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What kind of guitar do you have? I'm asuming a shitty one?
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Leave it outside, and rub it with peanut butter and birdseed.
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Buy "vintage" parts, such as pickguards, knobs, strings...well, vintage strings might not be a good idea.

Get your hands dirty before you play, so the fretboard gets grimy. Works best with maple and other light-colored woods.
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play it to death
nah jk
where a belt buckle and rings when you play
i guess you could try sanding it
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...Ya could take take some light sand paper to the body then clear coat it after you do it. Cmon it cant be that hard peopel work hard trying to keep em looking new...Messing one up couldent be to hard just make shure it's....durable/playable..get creative man. ( oops he beat me to it)
Take off the metal parts and leave them in salt water for a week or so that should give you a rust effect
sell it and buy a used one.

oh right cool..... sorry dont have any here, lol
May cause death if user is an idiot.
try nitro-metanol acid XD. walk with he guitar around the street (scratching in the floor)