Here's my cover of this amazing song. There are a couple slip ups in the solo that I hope to fix up later.


ETA: Fixed song link, it should work now.
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i honestly forgot it was a cover. ive never heard the original, but that was very good. great job
i need this backing track!!! where did u get it?
It's ok! My face broke the fall.
thanks a bunch. i would listen to it, and im sure its great, but i cant open anything from dmusic for some reason. even my own stuff!!!


I Just got the backing track and recorded my own version. Care to listen? Since I can't listen to yours, just let me know if yours is way better, haha. I trust you. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=6237128#post6237128
It's ok! My face broke the fall.
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