i'm trying to learn a legato style of playing to use in shred and fast licks on my guitar.. but my pull-offs suck. they're real weak sounding and i was wondering if yall had any pointers.. i kno ur supposed to kinda pull a little downward as you release to make it more pronounced but when i try this i hit the string below it..
practice makes perfect, this will come with time. try doing those finger strength exersizes in the lessons section.
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I think they make weights for your fingers to put on while practicing. That could really help build strength...
it's not so much that my fingers are weak but that whenever i do the pull offs i don't get much sound out of them.. maybe that has something to do with finger strength but i didn't think it did
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when i learnt pull offs, i jsut practiced trying different things, and then got good at it. plain and simple, practice, its not hard, seems everyone wants to skip it. i didnt ask on forums for help, or even other people, and i cna do them fine.
why thank you jaredF for that insightful comment.. i've been playin for only about 2 years and have been figuring it out for myself during that time but i was wondering if you had any pointers on some certain 'technique' that i was supposed to use rather than simply telling me that it was "technique and strength" that made good pull-offs
Just try simple pull-offs like 3-2-0 on the high e string and repeat that over and over. when you get good at that, move it so you play 3-2-0 on the high e, then the same on the b string. It helped me out significantly.
2 years and can't do pull-offs... whatever.

- hold fingers on both notes

- pick the string

- release the higher note, while slightly pulling the string downwards (in sort of a semi-circular motion) so as to make the lower note ring as loud as the higher one.

- practice and quit whining.
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Don't be so hard on the guy. Doing a pulloff well and getting it fast is not so easy.
It requires a lot of subtle muscle coordination.

Here's something I wrote up a while back

Pulloff Clinic Time:

hitting another string while you pull off is a very easy fix. say for example your doing a 14 p12 on the d string, and your using your index and ring firgers. take your index finger and lay the pad of it on the g string while still freting the 12 on the d string. that is the quick fix, however you should practice pulling off more, and concentrate on not hitting that next string
pull offs ftw.... that help?
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