hey, i was just talking to a guy about selling me a KV3, this would be my second guitar. He says it's in good condition and he has played with it live and it's 8 years old. THe only problem is, he doesnt have a price set for it, he bought it for 1100$ (canadian) new way back then, so what would be a reasonable price? also, has anyone played a KV3? I play mostly metal (metallica, dream theater etc.) but I also am looking for good cleans.

all info appreciated, thanks
i 'ld say 200bucks (max). go to ebay, there you'll know the prices for anything
probably 350 just to be kind to the guy. but you gotta look out for any scratches, dings, cracks in the body before buying it. and your sounds would rely on your amp and what pickup you use as well.