I want to change out one of my pre amp tubes, but the hooks on the left and the right of them got me confused. How do i get that of, or how do I get the tube out???

please, any tips would be very helpful.

Thanks, Playdoh
well i do, but since it stays at home when i go off to school i havent had to change the tubes yet. so i own the amp, but have no idea of the answer to your question.
The hooks swing out sideways of the tubes. You will see where the tip of the tube comes down through the little U-hole at the hook. Simply press the little hook sideways (the way it will slide off the tube, you'll KNOW which way). It might take a small amount of force, but just snap the hook out of place and its on a hinge. Once the tubes are loose from the hinge just grab a hold gently and pull down (pull as straight down as you can, you avoid bent pins and broken tubes this way). I don't have any pics of my classic 30, and its kind of hard to explain, but hopefully that helps a bit.