Diamond girls stand on the mound of men
dead from digging them out
stuck in a mine

She gave me my broken heart
she died and the paramedic stabbed a needle in my heart
now i have hole and no surgeon to fix it up

The Angels have fallen but there is
clear blue sky and no clouds
for them to stand on.

When i see this i feel
they are more than words can say
so i draw a picture or write some code

And so i feel lost without you
you took the map and compass
and where the hell in Mianus

I cry alone at night
slicing onions for my dinner
sometimes it hurts when i cut them thinner

Stabbed by a dagger
a spam dagger
buttsecks with a midget man

and this song makes no sense.

This song is a tribute to all cliches may you rock on.
sounds quite emo. hence the ridiculously long song title that has nothing to do with the song what so ever. might jsut be me...

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I wanna hear it with the music...then I'll give my opinion.
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well...The song seems ok....Little.....typical emo? As the other guy said the song title has nothing to do with it....But the title is true! I can go without every meal except breakfast..
It's meant to be cliches. Well mocking them actually.

Let me explain

Diamonds=untouchable but also lots of people died in diamond mines

broken heart = actual faulty heart not love

angels falling = where do angels stand when there are no clouds

expression too much for words = joke about drawing a picture or doing maths instead

lost without you = actually lost in a wood or something with no map because the other person took it

crying alone = onions

dagger = betrayal by small penised man who said it was bigger.
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I like it. I imagine it would sound very good to the backdrop of music.

It was, however, a little long, and confused the *insert explitive here* out of me, but I suppose that's a good thing. I like how it's left for the listener to interpret.

Now, Crit mine maybe?
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^none of those are cliches

they're not meant to be. It's a sarcastic song.
they arent?

It's meant to be cliches.

i dont understand
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