What kind of tonal range can one get from either of these?
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iv got a dsl401 combo, i think its great. its pretty versatile, but if you want to play metal you might want to put an overdrive infront of it. what kind of tones are you looking for?
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you cant get anywhere from decent cleans to amazing distortion (with an OD pedal), but i highly reccomend a DSL over a TSL, as DSL tend to have a better tonal quality.
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I agree, for some reason the DSL's seem to sound better than the TSL's. Actually though, for half the money you could get pretty much the same sounds from a Crate Blue Voodoo120. I used one of those for years and never had a problem with it. I was going to "upgrade" to a DSL at one point so I bought it and A/B'ed it with the Blue Voodoo. They were EXTREMELY similar sonically, I couldn't really say one sounded better than the other so I took back the DSL and kept the BV. Plus, the BV has seperate EQ controls for each channel, somthing the DSL doesn't have. I say at least try out a BV first.
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