Hey im lookin into a new guitar i got about 450 to spend. Right now im lookin at Epiphone explorer, epiphone firebird studio, and epiphone les paul custom. Anyone with any experience wit any of these guitars? Im pretty much set on one of these three so dont come in and start talkin bout all these other guitars.....unless its really worth givin a shot. i messed wit the explorer and the les and my local guitar center but no firebird. I play alt/rock progressive typa stuff. from incubus to foo fighters to coheed and i play through a Vox AD50VT
i would go with the les paul i hate them but every other dumbass guitar kid likes them so go ahead
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i would go for the Explorer, (in reality i would go for the Les paul, but it has a slab of aldder in it, which ruins the Les Paul tone, and bugs me), but the explorer is solid mahogony right?...and i just like the look of explorers over firebirds
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