We're going to be covering "Lets go Crazy" by prince and I have the whole song down.....at the very end when the music stops and its just him soloing I can't seem to match his initial bend. He bends A up really high and it somehow sustains and kind of flutters a little bit giving it a really distinct sound. Prince is really good at using cool effects but this seems simple and yet I cant match it?
become a jehovahs witness like prince and god will be on your side lol
on a serious note do you have to have it perfect? wouldnt it be cooler to have your own beggining to the solo? if not ur own complete solo? having said that the solo is awesome! just play around with different effects and have a mess around
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Well I mean i improvise his scale a little bit but I've always wanted to be able to do that bend like he does it. Cuz to me thats the coolest part of it all! You'd think something like that would be really simple to reproduce and I bet it is...I'm just stupid! I've got a podxt pro and i asked over on the line 6 forums and no one has been able to help me out...