well, pretty much i'm looking for a pedal, to make my switches from clean to distorted. thing is i hpt a Randall rx15, but the distortion on that stack of crap isnt satisfying enough. not sure why...the sound just sounds deep or something....not the point

i have a limited budget, and recently went to a music store and found pedals i could afford, but not really sure what exactly i need. well, the pedal has to be simple (which all of them are), and provide nirvana like distortion (because of the genre me and my friends play) and no, i dont play smells like teen spirit , but i want a nice, rowdy sound, that would definitely make guitar even more exciting than it is. i saw the 'metal' pedal, but i dont think thats what i need so can someone help me?

here are the pedals i could afford and are available to me:

Danelectro FAB metal - reviews

i'm not sure that this is what i need though, because punk/grunge isnt really metal, nor does it sound like it. i dont play iron maiden.

danelectro FAB overdrive (tube?) - review

i'm not sure of the difference between distortion and overdrive? can someone explain that to me too please?

danelectro FAB distortion - review

Behringer UD 100 (ultra dist.) - review

Behringer UM 100 (metal) - review

Behringer OD 100 (overdrive) - review

Behringer TO (tube o.d.) - review

- btw what is tube overdrive?

Behringer DM 100 (distortion modeller) - review

danelectro t- bone - review

Fx55 supra distortion - review

the fx55 is just just on the verge of affordability.

thank you so much for your time, and many thanks in advance

To Be Honest Those Are all crap Whats yoru budget and ill see if i can help you out?
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my budget's around 60 dollars, bu i wanna spend around 30 on it. and by the way - those are the only ones available to me (i think, but theres ONE more store). well, i dont earn a living yet its my pocket money
fab pedals, while cheap and easy to break, actually sound decent
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Hey Z why dont you check ebay for a Boss Metal Zone or Boss DS-1 on ebay they usually run about 30 to 35 USD with shipping and much better than those pedals you listed
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well durabilty isnt really what im worried about too much - cause i dont really intend kicking my peadal around, swinging it, smashing my windws with it and denting my dads car and still expect it to work
hm, the only possible problems with ebay are that i dont know if my debit card works for it, and i'm scared of scammers
if you want a nirvana sound, save for a BOSS DS-1 or a DS-2 (but the ds2 is twice as expensive)
ds-1 is only 50 dollars
dont get a FAB i used to have one theyre cheap (not in the good way)
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i haveto mention too that i live in Estonia, and mostly the shipping there is either expensive (with a few exceptions) (cause the damn EU take 26% toll-pay for US goods). so most US based internet shops dont work too well with me.

(and the selection of pedals and equipment is pretty low - so u either take the good one or the crap one.)most boss ds-1s are start from 50 usd + 15 or so shipping. boss ds 2 are about 75 + 15 shipping.

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dude the pedals are rarely a scam i have bought a bunch of pedals and not one scam
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alright, as i understand, none of the above were suitable - but can you plz tell me exactly what the pedal i might be looking for should have?