I want to build a guitar. I think It would be a fun project to last, but I am not sure about how to go about doing it.

1) I want to do the entire thing myself, including carving the wood myself. Is there some kind of machine I need to buy in order to do that?

2) How much does a good block of maple (for the body) generally cost?

3) As far as the cavities go, are there certain dimensions that I have to abide by?

4) How do you get the guitar finish done? do I need a machine to do that as well?

I would like to go with the EVH theme with the stripes, but how do I do that? what Kind of paint to I need to use in order to make it last?
1) A bandsaw is ideal for cutting the shape out, and router is VERY useful too, as it's pretty hard without one. I'm just fortunate that I have access to pretty much every tool under the sun. If you can get into your school's workshop then that's great

2) depends entirely where you get it from really. I would say about £50 over here now, though there are some cheaper places, and you can always laminate about three 4x2" blocks together - it doesnt all have to be one piece.

3) nope, not at all, providing all the parts fit into them then it's up to you. Things like a swimming pool rout are supposed to give a more glassy bell like tone but I've never compared them TBH

4) you can just buy lacquer or clear varnish in rattle cans, and that'll do fine. You'll need a lot of different grades of sandpaper too. i'm not going to explain the whole process now, but that's the ins and outs of it (you'll need a buffing pad for a drill or whatever and buffing compound etc. too)
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